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  • CBD Crystal Dabs by Diamond CBD – £515.99 You’ll be happy to know that this is one of the highest quality CBDs you can get, and should well be at that price! The Crystal Dabs are raw, crystallized, and 99% pure CBD isolate, with incredible potency. They can be vaped or even added to food or drinks.
  • Natural Premium CBD Oil by Pura Cana – £310 The 5000mg potency is the strongest CBD oil by Pura Cana yet, and possibly one of the most potent out there. For the small price of £310 users can consume the premium oil which is unflavoured and completely organic. the diet and nutritional supplement is for increased health and vitality. Containing natural terpenes and phytocannabinoids which can enhance cannabis- based benefits. It also extremely versatile and works with each user unique body chemistry to meet their preferences.
  • CBD Honey Sticks by Diamond CBD – £240 Just like CBD, you may have heard that you should also be getting in your daily dose of honey. It full of antioxidants, can reduce blood pressure, and even ease your sore throat. Why not spend almost £250 and get both the supplements in one? Did we mention they come in Blueberry, apple, cherry, and peach flavours. Made from industrial hemp and free of THC, honey sticks are the perfect alternative to edibles, CBD tinctures, or CBD pills. If you dont mind splashing the cash, that is!


  • BLINCYTO, $64,260 monthly cost per patient. we market the best chemo drugs to our clients from our various health institutions.
  • Lenvima, $13,945 monthly cost per patient.
  • Zykadia, $13,672 monthly cost per patient.
  • Cyramza, $13,256 monthly cost per patient.
  • Xofigo, $12,657 monthly cost per patient. Bayer AG's (OTC:BAYR. ...


We recommend the best coaches around the world that would guild you through and give you the best condition to a healthy living, starting from your diet down to your sleeping habits. Remember health is wealth. Our fitness program varies accordingly and you can get started on any of them and you’ll be recommended right away.

  • Beginner level starting at $250
  • Regular level starting at $1000
  • Athlete level starting at $3000


We recommend the best counseling services to our clients in order to give them the best. Our consul team are great experts who are fully available to listen to your problems and find the best way to help you sort it out. In as much as our services comes at it’s best, they varies according to needs and pattern of service.

  • TELEPHONE THERAPY starting at $500 monthly
  • VISUAL THERAPY starting at $1000 monthly
  • HOUSE THERAPY starting at $5000 monthly.
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